"Where Everybody Has A Chance"

M.I.T. Ministers In Training


If you want to be equipped for ministry in the local church, this is a great place to begin. Join us for an intense hands-on training and teaching from Bishop Jesse C. Davenport, III.

Why would I do this instead of seminary?

You wouldn’t. They are very different experiences. Seminary is exactly what you need to do if you intend to be a theological thought leader or write a book on Biblical Ethics. Seminary is a valuable experience and many pastors have Seminary degrees.

In M.I.T. we intend to present the practical side of doing ministry from within a church context. If you’re passionate about the way we do ministry and you’re eager to get started working in a church, we’re excited about showing you some of the main things we’ve learned along the way.

We’ll also be connecting you with the best practices from our friends in ministry who are doing great work to build the Church.

We believe there is a place for a seminary education, but if you’re ready to jump into ministry now, M.I.T. is a great place to get practical training.

Who is this program for?

2 qualifications:

  1. You feel God has called you into ministry.
  2. You want to be equipped to do ministry effectively.

Notice this description has little to do with your current role, resume, or credentials. Many people acknowledge their calling to ministry, but far fewer people actively pursue that calling at a level that reflects their deep down belief that they’re built for ministry.

This program is an alternative for passionate leaders who want to make a difference, but are unable to put everything on hold for three more years. It’s designed to train people for ministry and possibly identify several future Kingdom Harvest leaders. That feels like a win/win to us. If it doesn’t to you, pass it on to someone else.

Who should apply?

You. If you want to be equipped for ministry in the local church.

We believe there are thousands of people like you who want God to do something big through their life and are looking for a faster way to get started. The application process is free (for now) and will take you less than 45 minutes to complete when available.

How do I apply for M.I.T.?

At this time, we are not accepting applications. If you would like to be notified when the applications for 2016 open, please fill out this form.

Where does the program take place?

At Harvest Kingdom in Charlotte, NC.

When will the next M.I.T. Class be held?

We don’t have one scheduled yet.

Can I attend online without coming to Charlotte?

We want to get to know you personally. Your interaction with other participants and with our staff is a key part of the M.I.T. Class experience. For that reason, we are not offering an online experience.

We’re filled with expectation about how God will use this experience to set you up for the next step He’s called you to in ministry and in life.