"Where Everybody Has A Chance"

Our Core Values



When a group of people share a common set of beliefs, behaviors and language, you have a culture. At Harvest Kingdom, our beliefs are driven by our vision, our behaviors are set by our expectations and our language is shaped by our CORE VALUES!


  • They are the “how” in how we do ministry.
  • They drive the decisions we make at both the corporate and individual levels.
  • They steer the conversations & answer questions.
  • They are an attitude that keeps us focused on the vision!


We preach and teach Jesus unapologetically.  We believe that Christ died on the cross that we might have life and have it more abundantly.  People often say we take this Jesus thing too far.  Well, Christ took us pretty seriously when He died on the cross. That’s a big deal to us!!


We give Hope to people and help them to know that God sees their needs and wants to provide direction for their life.  It’s NEVER too late to come to Christ and live in your purpose.

We are optimistic about the future and encouraged by the testimonies of those who encounter Christ through Harvest Kingdom.


We LOVE people.  We get excited when new members come and when we see the growth and development of current members or followers.

We don’t care how you come to Harvest Kingdom, we only care about the way you leave i.e. empowered, saved, hopeful, renewed and encouraged.


We have a comprehensive understanding of the influences that our members and non members are coming in contact with on a daily basis.  We also have an appreciation for emerging trends and issues.  We thrive on creativity and ingenuity to reach those who are not saved.

We will not be afraid to live beyond the traditional branding, messaging and approach to winning souls.  We will evangelize in a way that makes sense to our target audience.


We believe that we are all flawed and struggling in different areas of our lives.  We don’t care who you are or what you did, we believe that God has a personal blessing for each one of us.

It’s never too late to start over, begin or keep going.  Harvest Kingdom is a place Where Everybody Has A Chance!!

Service / Community

We honor God by serving others and expecting nothing in return.  We believe it is our obligation and responsibility to be aware of what’s taking place in our community and to be an active participant.

We want to be at the table in order to be a voice for the community i.e. our members.


We love others unconditionally as God loves us.  Simple.